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Project Manager: Chris Hartman

The 2015 Summit explored the theme of food & agriculture, answering the questions of how we can live, eat, and work in ways that will sustain our health, our harvests, and our habitat? NUSOS partnered with numerous student groups, including Spoon, Wild Roots, Project Wildcat, Design for America, and NU Real Food to bring both local and national leaders in food and sustainability to the summit. Panelists and speakers discussed topics including food deserts, zero-waste grocery stores, sustainable meal plans, and modern farming.

In 2014, NUSOS partnered with Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) to host a three-day national conference. The theme of "Innovation" explored the myriad of new ideas, problems, and solutions we encounter as we adjust and invent the future. Panelists and keynotes addressed topics ranging from new technology and policy to innovations in energy and agriculture, as well as evolving models of community engagement and environmental social justice. 

The 2013 Summit on “Economy and the Environment,” explored how policy and business decisions related to sustainability, climate change, agriculture and energy must also take into account the economics of the issue. 
At the 2012 conference, “Public Health and the Environment,” attendees were introduced to keynote speakers Suzanne Petroni, Vice President for Global Health at PHI, and Ellen Gustafson, founder of The 30 Project and The Feed Projects. The conference provided a forum for students and community members to discuss a wide array of issues surrounding public health, including the impacts of a growing population on the world’s natural resources and the relationship between agricultural systems, human health and the environment. 
The 2011 conference, which featured keynote speaker Majora Carter, introduced participants to issues pertaining to environmental and social justice, such as racism, poverty, and human rights. 


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