Local Project
Project Manager: Cameron Tehranchi, Gabby Carr

Hydroponics is a method of plant growing which uses less water and no soil. Water is becoming more of valuable. Agriculture is water intensive. More and more people are moving to cities to live. These factors amoungst many others makes growing produce hydroponically important for our future!

We at ESW want to produce produce in a sustainable manner! We currently grow lettuce, basil, and more plants soon. Although our roots lie in the basic model of a hydroponics system, we are trying to change things up a bit. Following our design of a functional basic Ebb and Flow system, we are branching out to design a system that is computer controlled using arduino and raspberry pi! We're interested in plant people and people who like to get creative with building things. Please Contact us and get involved.


Please contact Cameron or Gabby for more information:

Cameron Tehranchi

Gabby Carr

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